This Interview was completed Feb. 3. 2005.

Zidanerfox: Welcome Readers! Today we have a special treat for you. Namely, an Interview with a special Guest and here she is: Miss Chess!

Chess: Hello.

Zidanerfox: Well, Miss Chess, can you tell the Readers a little about yourself so they can get to know you?

Chess: Sure, my name is Chess, I'm 29 years old and I was born in Sweden. Sadly my parents died in a car accident when I was newly born but I didn't let that put me down. I moved to America at the age of 18 but moved back to Europe after 5 years. In the past few years I've been working as a model, mainly for artists, and participated in some adult movies.

Zidanerfox: Could you tell us something how you came about to your rather unusual fur pattern?

Chess: Oh. Actually I don't really know myself. I've managed to find out that my grandfather on my Mother's side was a lion, maybe this had some 'impact' on my genes. Due to this pattern I had a pretty bad childhood. I didn't have any friends in school for example. I guess most people can't accept what's different. Sometimes I was even treated as a monster. They were hard times...

Zidanerfox: I'm sorry to hear that. Let's change the subject then. Do you have a family of your own? Are you married or single?

Chess: I have a boyfriend, Leonard. We have been living together for 2 years now.

Zidanerfox: Do you have siblings?

Chess: Yes, I have a half-brother.

Zidanerfox: Do you want to have children?

Chess: *giggles* Yes, someday I want a child of my own.

Zidanerfox: Well then, lets move on to the "dirty" questions, haha. You work as both a model and a porn actress. How did you get started with all this?

Chess: I started as a waitress in a small pub, but somehow ended up becoming a stripper later on. I have always been very open and straightforward with my sexuality and I really enjoyed it. With time I slowly "penetrated" further and further into that kind of jobs, if you know what I mean, and one day I was offered my first movie job. And that's how it all began. But still I mainly work as a model for various artists, I really enjoy my work. It's really fun.

Zidanerfox: Do you have a favorite sex position?

Chess: *Laugh* I knew this question would come up eventually. Hmm, I really love to be on top, but my personal favorite is definitely doggy-style.

Zidanerfox: What are your measurements?

Chess: 40-29-39.

Zidanerfox: If I am allowed to ask...are "they" real?

Chess: *Laughs again* Yes, they are real. I believe you should accept yourself and be proud of your body, ya know what I mean? I like my breasts as they are even though they CAN get in the way sometime.

Zidanerfox: I see. Well, what kind of things turn on a woman like yourself?

Chess: Oh, that depends on the moment...but I tend to feel especially hot when I work with the kind of guys that actually see women as a real person and not as a mere sex object.

Zidanerfox: Understandable. And what are your turn offs?

Chess: That would definitely be big, dumb, macho men.

Zidanerfox: What kind of kemono male do you find most attractive?

Chess: Oh *giggles*, I really, really like canine males. They have this cute little thing, a knot at the base of the penis, I really like that. It feels so good. *Blushes*

Zidanerfox: I.. ahm. Well, I have one last question, this one coming from a big fan of yours: Do you have 2 or 6 nipples?

Chess: *Laughs once again* That's a rather unusual question. Well, I actually have 6 nipples, but only the ones on my "main breasts" are visible 'cause my fur is thinner there.

Zidanerfox: Okay then, those were all the Questions today. Thank you for your time, Miss Chess.

Chess: The pleasure was all mine *giggles*. I hope my fans like the answers and that they will continue to enjoy my work. Thanks!

Basic Idea: Zidanerfox
Re-writing/Editing: Shad Devil

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